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Author:fredabio     Date:2017-09-29

Freda Biotechnology is a state-owned high-tech biotechnology enterprise, which established modern production base with advanced biological fermentation, biochemical extraction and purification equipments, and the air purification system and plant strictly in accordance with GMP requirements。 The enterprise focuses mainly on the R & D, manufacture and sales of green food additives, cosmetics as well as crude drug products, such as biological polysaccharides, preservatives, and macromolecule polymers。 Currently the main products are Natamycin (anti-fungi), Nisin (anti-bacteria), Pullulan (food coating, film form, capsual etc。) and Poly Glutamic Acid。 All have certificated by Food additive production license, FDA, ISO9001, ISO22000, Kosher and HALAL certificates。 The products are exported to South Korea, Turkey, South Africa, Brazil, USA, EU, and other countries and areas。

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