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Natamycin is a filamentous fungi inhibitor ( such as yeasts and molds) with characterics of natural, broad-spectrum, safe and efficient, it can not only inhibit the fungus, but also prevent the appearance of mycotoxins. Natamycin is not harmful to humans and it is difficult to be absorbed by human digestive tract. Microbial is difficult to have resistence to it and because of its low solubility characteristics, it’s usually used for surface preservative of food. Natamycin is the only anti-fungal microbial preservatives all over the world.

Natamycin is white (or cream-colored), colorless, odorless crystalline powder. It is slightly soluble in water, methanol, soluble in dilute acid, acetic acid, and insoluble in most organic solvents. When the pH values higher than 9 or less than 3, its solubility will increase, but it is very stable in the pH range of most food in. Natamycin has a certain resistance to heat treatment capacity. It is relatively stable when it is dry, and is able to withstand the transient high temperature (100 ℃);

Natamycin is mainly used in production and preservation for dairy products, meat, wine, drinks juice, convenient food, baking food etc..

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